The Passion in the Gospel of Mark: The Death of the Noble One.


            The woman in Simon’s house recognized what was happening.  A King had come to dinner.  He was anointed with costly perfume in respect.  Some said it was a waste of money.  The Noble One said it was a preparation for his burial.


            Judas Iscariot, the traitor, the thief, dishonorable and dishonest, would not pay the price following the Noble One would demand.  Instead he gladly took a payment to betray Him. The Noble One allowed the ignoble to profit from Him.


            Peter, the well intentioned braggart, declared his devotion to the Noble One and pledged his protection.  He didn’t last twelve hours.  But the Noble One saw his fear and his contrition, and forgave him and strengthened him to embrace a cross.


            The Chief Priests, elders and scribes could not find a liar creditable enough to condemn the Noble One.  So they asked Him for the truth, and could not bear it.


            The Roman Procurator was not about to let justice inconvenience him.  So he gave a criminal back to the crowd and condemned the Noble One to death.


            And the Noble One mounted his throne on the hill of Golgotha.  Where some saw shame, where others gave scorn, a centurion saw the Son of God.


            It began with a woman who recognized the Noble King.  It ended with a pagan who bowed before the Noble Son of God.


           Let us pray:


              O Noble Jesus, reigning from your cross, give us your people the courage to accept your death as the eternal gift of the Father.  Protect us from all that is ignoble in our own lives. Help us fight off our selfishness, our materialism, our cowardice, and our lust for power. We begin this week of intense prayer, we begin this Holy Week, asking you to raise our lives from the mud and muck of this world to the Nobility of truly being the Sons and Daughters of God.