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These homilies are my gifts to you. Perhaps you might find them helpful in your ministry or in your own private reflections. 

Thank you, Msgr. Joseph Pellegrino       


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      April 28, 2024    The Fifth Sunday of Easster: The Vine and the Branches


      April 21, 2024    The Fourth Sunday of Easster: The Voice of the Caring Shepherd


      April 14, 2024    The Third Sunday of Easter: Witnesses of the Resurrection


      April 7, 2024    The Second Sunday of Easter: Our Doubts and His Mercy      


      March 31, 2024    The Solemnity of the Resurrection 

of the Lord--Easter: Killed So We Can Live        


      March 28, 2024    Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord's Supper        


      March 24, 2024    Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion: We Stand Beneath the Cross        


      March 17, 2024    The Fifth Sunday of Lent: Our Hour        


      March 10, 2024    The Fourth Sunday of Lent: Goodbye Fear, Hello Joy        


      March 3, 2024    The Third Sunday of Lent: He Understood Them Well        


      February 25, 2024    The Second Sunday of Lent: Faith        


      February 18, 2024    The First Sunday of Lent: Temptation        

      February 11, 2024    The Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Hearts Enlarged by Christ        


      February 4, 2024    The Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Pray for Healing        


      January 28, 2024    The Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Teaching With Authority        


      January 21, 2024    The Third Sunday in Ordinary Time: The Wonder of God's Mercy        


      January 14, 2024    The Second Sunday in Ordinary Time: The Call To Be Church        


      January 7, 2024    The Solemnitiy of the Epiphany of the Lord: The Journey        


      December 31, 2023    The Feast of the Holy Family: Being a Holy Family        


      December 25, 2023    The Solemnity of the Nativity of the Lord--Christmas: Come to Jesus        


      December 24, 2023    Fourth Sunday of Advent: The Word in Mary's Ear and in Ours        


      December 17, 2023    Third Sunday of Advent: Herald        


      December 10, 2023    Second Sunday of Advent: Comfort        


      December 8, 2023    Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary: 

Mary, the Best of Us        


      December 3, 2023    First Sunday of Advent: Hope        


      November 26, 2023    The Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the King of the Universe:        


      November 19, 2023    Thirty-third Sunday: Developing His Talents        


      November 12, 2023    Thirty-second Sunday: Using Time Wisely        


      November 5, 2023    Thirty-first Sunday: The Courage to be Catholic        


      October 29,2023    Thirtieth Sunday: What Must We Do?        


      October 22,2023    Twenty-ninth Sunday: Render to Caesar what is Caesar's 

and to God what is God's        


      October 15,2023    Twenty-eighth Sunday: I Can Do All Things in Him who Strengthens Me        


      October 8,2023    Twenty-seventh Sunday: Caring for the Vineyard        


      October 1,2023    Twenty-sixth Sunday: The Name Above All Names        


      September 24,2023    Twenty-fifth Sunday: Amazing Grace        


      September 17,2023    Twenty-fourth Sunday: God's Overwhelming Mercy        


      September 10,2023    Twenty-third Sunday: The Church, Vehicle of Mercy        


      September 3,2023    Twenty-second Sunday: Do Not Conform, Be Transformed!        


      August 27,2023    Twenty-first Sunday: The One Who Holds the Keys        


      August 20,2023    Twentieth Sunday: Faith Leads to Faith        


      August 13,2023    Nineteenth Sunday: The Tiny Whispering Sound        


      August 6,2023    The Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord: Our Part in the Plan        


      July 30,2023    Seventeenth Sunday: Wisdom, Predesitination and the Christian        


      July 23,2023    Sixteenth Sunday: Weeds among the Wheat        


      July 16,2023    Fifteenth Sunday: So, What Are You Going to Do about It?        


      July 9,2023    Fourteenth Sunday: On Being a Joyful Christian        


      July 2,2023    Thirteenth Sunday: Are You Not Aware?        


      June 25,2023    Twelfth Sunday: The Fear of the Lord        


      June 18,2023    Eleventh Sunday: Some Fathers' Day Thoughts        


      June 11,2023    The Solemnity of the Body and Blood of the Lord, Corpus Christi: 

Reverence for the Eucharist        


      June 4,2023    The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity: 

A Mystery of Power and Love        


      May 28,2023    The Solemnity of the Pentecost: The Power to Continue the Work        


      May 21,2023    The Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord: 

Tell the World that Jesus Lives        


      May 14,2023    Sixth Sunday of Easter: As Good as the Christian Samarians        


      May 7,2023    Fifth Sunday of Easter: Living Stones        


      April 30,2023    Fourth Sunday of Easter: The Voice of the Shepherd        


      April 23,2023    Third Sunday of Easter: Confused Sunday       


      April 16,2023    Second Sunday of Easter: Leaping into the Arms of Divine Mercy        


      April 9,2023    Solemnity of the Resurrection of the Lord, Easter: Happiness in Hope        


      April 7,2023    Good Friday of the Lord's Passion: The Sign        


      April 6,2023    Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord's Supper: Love and Do As You Will        


      April 2,2023    Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion: The Sign of Contradiction        


      March 26,2023    The Fifth Sunday of Lent: Called Out of the Tomb        


      March 19,2023    The Fourth Sunday of Lent: Light in Darkness         


      March 12,2023    The Third Sunday of Lent: Thirsting for the Lord         


      March 5,2023    The Second Sunday of Lent: On Being Transfigured          


      February 26,2023    The First Sunday of Lent: Temptation         


      February 19,2023    The Seventh Sunday of Ordinary Time: "And Jesus Said, Love Thy Enemies"       


      February 12,2023    The Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time: Surpasssing the Scribes and the Pharisees       


      February 5,2023    The Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time: Light of the World, Salt of the Earth       


      January 29,2023    The Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time: Humility       


      January 22,2023    The Third Sunday of Ordinary Time: St. Agnes and the Victory of Christ       


      January 15,2023    The Second Sunday of Ordianry Time: He Alone Takes Away the Sins ofthe World       


      January 8,2023    The Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord: Celebrating the One Body of Christ       


      January 1,2023    The Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God: Devotion to Mary    


      December 25,2022    The Solemnity of the Nativity of the Lord, Christmas: Bring Joy to the World! 


      December 18,2022    The Fourth Sunday of Advent: Don't Just Look; Don't Just See; But Behold! 


      December 11,2022    The Third Sunday of Advent: The Search for Truth      


      December 4,2022    The Second Sunday of Advent: 

Handel and the Admonition to Prepare, not Presume      


      November 27,2022    The First Sunday of Advent: Be Ready 


      November 20,2022    The Solemnity of Jesus Christ, Our King: Heaven 


      November 13,2022    The Thirty-third Sunday of Ordinary Time: Patient Endurance         


      November 6,2022    The Thirty-second Sunday of Ordinary Time: Heaven        


      October 30,2022    The Thirty-first Sunday of Ordinary Time: Lost in a Crowd 


      October 23,2022    The Thirtieth Sunday of Ordinary Time: To See and Be Seen  


      October 16,2022    The Twenty-ninth Sunday of Ordinary Time: Remember Amalek!      


      October 9,2022    The Twenty-eighth Sunday of Ordinary Time: Gratitude     


      October 2,2022    The Twenty-seventh Sunday of Ordinary Time: People of Integrity      


      September 25,2022    The Twenty-sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time: The Church's Mission to the Poor   


      September 18,2022    The Twenty-fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time: Using Our Ingenuity for the Lord  


      September 11,2022    The Twenty-fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time: The God of Beginnings      


      September 4,2022    The Twenty-third Sunday of Ordinary Time: Unless You Hate....      


      August 28,2022    The Twenty-second Sunday of Ordinary Time: Banquet Etiquette at the Table of the Lord      


      August 21,2022    The Twenty-first Sunday of Ordinary Time: The Narrow Gate      


      August 14,2022    The Twentieth Sunday of Ordinary Time: Fire on Earth: St. Gianna Berretta Mola      


      August 7,2022    The Nineteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time: Don't Just Look Busy. Be Busy!


      July 31,2022    The Eigtheenth Sunday of Ordinary Time: He Who Has the Most.....Loses      


      July 24,2022    The Seventeenth Sunday of Ordinary Time: The Lord's Prayer in Luke      


      July 17,2022    The Sixteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time: Marthacized Marys      


      July 10,2022    The Fiftenth Sunday of Ordinary Time: The Radical Demand of the Lord      


      July 3,2022    The Fourteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time: We Are the Seventy-two   


June 26,2022    The Thirteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time: Putting on Our Game Face   


      June 19,2022    The Solemnity of the Body and Blood of the Lord: 

Reverance for the Eucharist      


      June 12,2022    The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity:

 The Way We Begin and End Our Prayers      


      June 5,2022    The Solemnity of Pentecost: Invoking the Spirit      


      May 29,2022    The Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord: Witness to Dignity      


      May 22,2022    Sixth Sunday of Easter: indwelling      


      May 15,2022    Fifth Sunday of Easter: I Have Made All Things New      


      May 8,2022    Fourth Sunday of Easter: Alone in a Crowd, Alone for Others      


      May 1,2022    Third Sunday of Easter: Peter and John, Realism and Idealism      


      April 24.2022    Second Sunday of Easter: Doubts and Faith      


      April 17.2022    The Solemnity of the Resurrection of the Lord, Easter: On Being Catholic      


     Apri1 15.2022    Good Friday--The Veneration of the Cross: The Power of the Cross      


      Apri1 14.2022    The Solemn Celebration of the Lord's Supper--Holy Thursday: 

When We Receive Communion...      


   Apri1 10.2022    Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion: Blood and Mercy      


      April 3.2022    The Fifth Sunday of Lent: A Drama of Compassion      


      March 27. 2022    The Fourth Sunday of Lent: Stories of Mercy and Compassion      


March 20. 2022    The Third Sunday of Lent: The Best Use of Our Time               


March 13. 2022    The Second Sunday of Lent: On Being Transfigured


March 3. 2022    The First Sunday of Lent: Integrity       


February 27. 2022    The Eighth Sunday of Ordinary Time: Some Aphorisms of the Lord        


February 20. 2022    The Seventh Sunday of Ordinary Time: Children of the New Adam        


February 13. 2022    The Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time: Making Room for God        


February 6. 2022    The Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time: Alone I cannot do this, but I am not alone.       


January 30. 2022    The Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time: True Love        


January 23. 2022    The Third Sunday of Ordinary Time: So, What Do You Have To Offer?        


January 16. 2022    The Second Sunday of Ordinary Time: Celebrating Cana        


January 9. 2022    The Feast of the Baptism of the Lord: Continuing the Mission        


January 2. 2022    The Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord: The Wise Still Seek Him        


January 1. 2022    The Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God: The Baker Woman      


December 26, 2021    The Feast of the Holy Family: Jesus, the Center of the Catholic Family       


December 25, 2021    The Solemnity of the Nativity of the Lord, Christmas: Pax Christi!        


December 19, 2021    Fourth Sunday of Advent: Two Women of Courage        


December 12, 2021    Third Sunday of Advent: What Should We Do?        


December 5, 2021    Second Sunday of Advent: The Gift that Matters        


November 28, 2021    First Sunday of Advent: Preparing for the Lord      

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